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About the Artists

Each artist's unique perspective adds a vibrant layer to The Galtway's allure, showcasing diverse styles and cultural influences. Immerse yourself in their artistry and read more about each artist below!

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Rotational Gallery Artist

Mark Nadjiwan

Mark Nadjiwan is an Indigenous self-taught artist who works in pen and ink. In more recent years, his work has begun to address the environmental and political challenges facing our modern times. Mark’s First Nation roots are in the Georgian Bay and Lake Superior regions. He lives in the traditional territories of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation on the Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula, where he is a member of Neyaashiinigmiing Unceded First Nation.

As an Indigenous artist, I am always interested in the re-establishment of Indigenous culture in areas where the presence of Indigeneity has become largely overshadowed by virtue of the colonial era. Public art installations are an important tool for seeing Indigenous culture re-inhabit our own traditional

territories and spaces, visible to residents and visitors alike. I believe these nine works help to achieve

that end. Additionally, some of them specifically address broader ecological concerns and the written “stories” that accompany them can be seen at Miigwech!

Mural Artist

MEDIAH (Evond Blake)

Evond Blake is a Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked under the pseudonym MEDIAH for over 25 years. ­

An Internationally renowned visual artist, MEDIAH is a trendsetter sparking new ideas and originality by blurring the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction. Blake’s work consists of weaving traditional street art forms with traditional painterly techniques and mixed media printmaking using many forms and approaches found in digital art and design. Heavily inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, the artwork glorifies and captures the essence of speed, motion, dynamism and force to create movement on the image surface. Blake’s work provides the viewer with not only this glorification of speed relating to the thirst for a faster and more streamline world but also its unavoidable repercussions of collision, disaster and chaos


Mural Artist


Meaghan Claire Kehoe  

Meaghan Claire Kehoe is a full-time emerging mural artist and painter based in Oshawa with community connections across southern Ontario. Her public street art pieces can be experienced in Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, St.Thomas and future work is coming soon to Simcoe, Aylmer, Brooklin and Port Burwell.

With a fascination toward human psychology and the inner strength to overcome human pain and challenges, Meaghan’s draw is toward representing female strength, depth, resilience and confidence. Meaghan employs symbols from nature, especially to tell a human story that is universal and yet personal to her own. Her works are about connectivity, inclusivity, and awareness. With intense expressive colour, splashes of realism, and punches of geometric shapes and collage, her beautiful aesthetic draws you in. However, it is the prideful subject who welcomes and invites you to stay.

Mural Artist

Victoria Sequeira

Victoria Sequeira is a self-taught and self-represented artist whose work focuses on the intersection of beauty and ugliness in the human experience. Working primarily with acrylic medium, she seeks to capture the complex and often contradictory aspects of the human condition, both inside and out.

Through her figures, Victoria conveys a sense of transcendence and harmony, highlighting the transformative power of life's lessons, deepest desires, and inexpressible emotions. Based between Toronto and the Waterloo Region, Victoria continues to push the boundaries of her art, constantly exploring new ways to express the intricacies of the human psyche.

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Mural Artist

Underground Gallery (Ean Kools)

Ean Kools is the multi-talented chair of the Cambridge Arts Festival, now serving his second term in that position. A graphic designer by trade, Ean is the force behind this Festival's branding, and that of many area businesses! On canvas, Ean works mainly with acrylic, ink, and spray paint. His style can be classified as portraiture, surrealism, abstraction, and graffiti. Each piece is an expression of a time, place, or emotion. 

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